Side Event on Decision Support Systems at the Global Change Conference “Sustainable Futures Through Science and innovation” (3.-6.12.2018) in Polokwane, South Africa

The EMSAfrica project and specifically, Professor Thomas Clemen from HAW, Professor Karen Bradshaw from Rhodes University, and Dr Jörg Helmschrot from SASSCAL are co-organising a side event as part of the Global Change Conference “Sustainable Futures Through Science and innovation” in Polokwane, South Africa.

Date: 6th of December 2018

Time: 8:00-12:00

Location: Capricorn Hall, Bolivia Lodge, Polokwane (South Africa)

Target group:

  • We invite participation from Southern African decision-makers and other stakeholders in environmental and conservation management to share their requirements and ideas in order to design and implement future decision-support information systems in a more appropriate way.
  • We also invite interested researchers and stakeholders to attend, hoping to build a sustainable network interested in this interdisciplinary topic.

Agenda: we include presentations by the organisers on current innovative topics in Computer Science and their potential use in the mitigation of climate change; group discussions on the priorities of stakeholders regarding climate-relevant decision support; and finally, a wrap-up of the outcomes from the group discussions in the form of mini-presentations.

The event is related to the realization of a decision-support system within the context of the EMSAfrica (“Ecosystem Management Support for Climate Change in Southern Africa”) project.

Outputs: A summary of the outcomes of the discussions will be compiled and sent to all participants following the event.

Catering: Coffee/tea will be provided during the event.

Contact: We invite interested attendees to contact project coordinator Mari Bieri (mari.bieri@thuenen.de).

Draft programme:

    Time   Programme
08:00-09:00Introductory presentation(s): Decision-making and how to
support this process
09:00-10:00Group work sessions 1: Identifying burning questions
10:00-11:00Group work sessions 2: Prioritizing topics
11:00-12:00Presentations & wrap-up of group work sessions; Definition of 
working teams and to-dos; Discussion regarding the DSS of
EMSAfrica; Discussion regarding the future of the network