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Datenintegration und Entscheidungsunterstützungssystem für das Ökomanagementsystem

The team specialized in multi-agent modelling and simulation provides the EMSAfrica project with solutions of data integration and management. Our Data Integration Hub in collaboration with SASSCAL will allow the integration and management of data also in the wider framework of regional climate efforts. 

A major aim of the EMSAfrica project is to create climate-relevant solutions for ecosystem management. This team has the technical expertise for creating a link between data and predictive models, and the local land-users and/or decision-makers. In collaboration with the EMSAfrica researchers and local stakeholders, we will produce computer-based decision support systems for selected land management questions. Decision support systems (DSS) are computerized information systems that are used to collect, analyse and integrate data to provide help in decision-making. 

The DSS is built on the cloud-based MARS framework developed by the HAW team. Different modelling approaches will be integrated with tools for data visualization and exploration. Specifically, a collaboration with socioeconomic surveys regarding the use of fuelwood, conducted by WITS, will be implemented as a user case for the decision support.

In this task, understanding the needs of local stakeholders and the role of local and indigenous knowledge, is key importance. Effective and continuous communication with stakeholders is of main importance to us, and requires collaboration from all of the EMSAfrica teams and collaborators.

Team: Thomas Clemen (subproject lead, HAW), Ulfia Lenfers, Julius Weyl (HAW), Karen Bradshaw (RU), Wayne Twine, Tetukondjele Iiyambo (WITS), Izak Smit (SANParks). Contact: thomas.clemen@haw-hamburg.de

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